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An Elite and friendly female run agency.

Bijoux escorts is a well established and elite female run Cardiff escort agency. Victoria, the owner had worked for over a decade in Cardiff as an escort herself before creating Bijoux, an agency built to be supportive and caring that never loses sight of the needs of the women we work for.

We are constantly recruiting beautiful and accomplished female escorts to join Bijoux Escorts of Cardiff.
The right ladies will always be welcomed on to our team and enjoy very high earnings in a safe enviroment with lovely longstanding clients who will treat you with the respect you deserve.
Our clients are thoroughly vetted and we are protective of the ladies we work for.

Previous experience is preferred but not essential, equally professional photos are helpful but not necessary.

A Bijoux Cardiff lady needs to:

Be 21 or older

Be charming, kind, friendly and bright

Be able to speak British fluently or natively

Genuinely enjoy escorting with gentlemen

Be openminded and giving in nature

Be reliable and trustworthy

We will never accept applications from:

> Ladies under 21

Third parties who control women

Ladies who are alcohol or substance dependent.

Please fill in the application form below, or email us directly at

Bijoux is currently recruiting, for more information on us and our recruitment process please visit here.

Escort Recruitment Form

Bijoux is open from 10am until 10pm Monday to Friday, on Saturday & Sunday from noon until 10pm.

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